Welcome to Dr Andrew Cary’s website, where you will find important information on getting in touch with your fertility health and starting your journey to parenthood. Women’s health, gynaecology and bringing joy to new parents are at the centre of Dr Cary’s experience and commitment. He works with years of experience in Australia and abroad, specialising in obstetric care, infertility, all aspects of IVF, and hysteroscopic laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery.

Dr Cary looks forward to meeting you and guiding you every step of the way.

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Women's Health

Women’s Health

Dr Cary is experienced in working with and treating a range of women’s health conditions over a range of individual life stages.



You will be well acquainted with each stage of treatment, proceeding through the experience with our team supporting you the whole way.



A life-changing journey, Dr Cary and the team endeavour to guide the way with their expertise and dedication.

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Dr Cary's dedication to the fields of gynaecology, obstetrics and IVF saw him establish Fertility Gold Coast in 2000, now known as Queensland Fertility Group. He is the chairman of the Pindara Day Procedure Centre, which he also co-founded, as well as Chairman of the Clinical Review Committee of Pindara Hospital and deputy Chairman of the Pindara Medical Advisory Board. In short, female health and pregnancy is both his profession and passion.

Our team of highly skilled and friendly staff portray a sense of community, cooperation and expertise to bring the best pregnancy experience to you or make you feel at ease with your women’s health concerns.

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Dr Andrew Cary

Over many years of passionately assisting in women's health, pregnancy care, infertility and gynaecology, I understand the challenges and frustrations, but also the great joys that arise from helping women through their fertility journey. I hope to be able to assist you and guide you through your obstetric, gynaecology and reproductive care.